A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.


Cardinal Newman is a college preparatory high school whose graduation requirements are aligned with the University of 加州 and 加州 State entry requirements. 真人百家家乐APP下载的课程很有挑战性, but with smaller classes and more one-on-one attention from teachers, students receive the support necessary to be successful. 真人百家家乐APP下载提供课后辅导, 大学先修课程(AP)和荣誉课程, 并丰富多种选修课. 学生 at 网络真人百家网 are prepared to attend the best universities – and they maintain their GPA in college at higher levels than most students in 加州. Passing the AP exam gives students college credit and builds their confidence in being prepared for college.


纽曼主教在运动方面很有成就. 真人百家家乐APP下载的使命是帮助学生发现他们的激情, 发现自己的才能, 充分发挥他们的潜力. Eighty percent of our students are involved in 真人百家家乐APP下载 and everyone is instructed in human performance, 包括卫生, 锻炼, 和营养. Our competitive success comes from the personal and team building skills developed and applied with determination by our student athletes. 真人百家家乐APP下载有将近60%的学生参与艺术, 包括舞蹈, 戏剧, 现代乐队, 和视觉艺术. 通过艺术, 真人百家家乐APP下载, 和俱乐部, 学生学习团队合作的重要性, 个人责任, and the mental and spiritual benefits of developing their interests beyond 学术s. 


The Cardinal Newman Spirit is most evident as we cheer for one another at competitive events or during pep rallies, 但它存在于真人百家家乐APP下载所做的一切. 事实上, our school Spirit is the heart of what makes being part of Cardinal Newman so unique and special. We instill compassion, generosity, creativity, and fun in all aspects of student life. These characteristics are rooted in faith and developed in Theology classes and through 服务 Projects. They are critical life skills in today's complex and challenging world. The Cardinal Newman Spirit developed in our students gives them confidence in hope for their futures. 它建立了应对挑战的韧性, 对所有人都有同情心和同理心, 并帮助他们通过爱自己和他人来引导他们.





Educating students in the wholeness of body, mind, and soul,


网络真人百家网 is a Catholic secondary school located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa, 加州. 成立于4月24日, 1964, 网络真人百家网 provides a Catholic secondary education to young women and men who are educated in the wholeness of mind, body, 通过耶稣基督的教导和精神. 学生 are prepared for the rigors of university life. They are taught to contribute to the greater community and to lead lives that remain true to the visions of the school’s patrons, St. 安吉拉·麦里奇和约翰·亨利红衣主教纽曼.


Classes at CNHS are designed to challenge and teach students to become life-long learners. Our teachers and counselors are 100% committed to student success in high school and beyond, with the belief that high school is a stepping stone to higher education.


CNHS接受所有宗教背景的学生, while striving to inspire and develop them to act as Christian gentlemen and women by giving back to their community and serving as leaders and role models to others.
因为真人百家家乐APP下载的学生在学术上很优秀, 真人百家家乐APP下载, 艺术和许多其他课外活动, our focus is that every student would have an authentic experience of Christ’s presence in the midst of all they are involved in here at CNHS.
无论是通过宗教课程, 撤退的经历, 社区服务, 庆祝祈祷和礼拜仪式, or the senior CBSL (Community-Based 服务学习) project, our faith and service component will continue to point students, 教师 and parents alike to the presence of God in our midst.


CNHS体育赛事对真人百家家乐APP下载的学生很重要, 家长和社区, 因为真人百家家乐APP下载超过80%的学生至少玩一项运动, 很多人打了两个赛季, 有些人甚至三. We expect sports teams and competitions to teach lessons that apply to both the classroom and life beyond classroom walls. 真人百家家乐APP下载的赞助, along with the North Bay League and North Coast Section, promotes sportsmanship and the CIF goal of "Victory with Honor".


Your gift to 网络真人百家网 and the AMJHN Foundation help provide funding for the extra curricular 项目 which enrich the Cardinal Newman experience for our students. It is with much gratitude that we acknowledge and thank the many parents, 校友, 教师, staff and friends of Cardinal Newman who have generously supported the school with gifts of time, 财富和人才.






Cardinal Newman has incorporated into the curriculum a nationally recognized Community Based 服务学习 Program.



The Cardinal Newman 咨询 Department includes two certified College Counselors and three PPS Certified Counselors.