A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.


No previous experience is required to take 我跳舞.
学生 will build tools for personal expression, 有效的沟通, 深思熟虑的合作 以及对个人能力的信心. 学生将设定目标, 培养舞蹈词汇, and participate in fundamental forms of ballet, 爵士乐, 现代, 嘻哈, 当代, and 多元文化的舞蹈 and dance composition/choreography. 学生 will be guided through 技术 和创造性的练习 on how to 解释 music, 是表达, 执行各种风格的动作, 解释, 批判, 合作, 培养舞蹈技巧. 学生 will also have the opportunity to learn basic 普拉提 和瑜伽 stretches to increase strength, 平衡, 和灵活性. 学生 will improve fitness levels and discover personal achievement using life skills such as communication, 解决问题, 毅力, 耐心的合作, 领导能力和积极的态度. 最重要的是, students will be able to participate in and help create a comfortable, 支持, 以及包容性的学习环境. 第一学期, 我跳舞 will participate in an informal performance in the dance room demonstrating skills learned from the semester. 我跳舞 students will participate in one full dance production at the end of the school year, including one dress/技术 rehearsal and two performances at the theater as the final exam.




学生 will continue to build tools for personal expression, 有效的沟通, 深思熟虑的合作, 以及对个人能力的信心. 学生 will continue to expand their dance vocabulary and participate in intermediate levels of ballet, 爵士乐, 现代, 嘻哈, 当代, 多元文化的舞蹈, 普拉提, 和瑜伽. 学生 will be guided through more challenging, 技术, 和创造性的练习, 音乐的诠释, 表达的使用. 学生 will focus on enhancing performance techniques and creating strong choreographic skills through improvisation, 分析, and critiquing personal and professional work. 学生 are given more opportunities to choreograph, 为节目创造创意, 设计的服装, 编辑音乐, and perform in extra school performances such as Preview Day and the Arts Alive Rally. 学生们继续作为一个团队工作, sharing positive feedback and apply life skills through leadership, 解决问题, 毅力, 耐心, 与合作. 学生 create a 支持, creative, 以及包容性的学习环境. 学生 participate and 合作 in two full productions per year, implementing theater etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts.

舞蹈三世 is designed for students with previous dance experience in 舞蹈二世 or by audition. The objective of this course is to continue building tools for increasing knowledge, 技术性, 以及对舞蹈的欣赏. 学生 will continue to set personal goals, 开发的表情, engage in 有效的沟通 and 深思熟虑的合作, and build confidence in individual abilities through various dance forms and choreography. This course is an intermediate/advanced dance class that exposes students to multiple dance forms to help broaden dance vocabulary and dance repertoire. 学生 will demonstrate their choreographic skills by creating their own works through choreographic projects and perform in several performances and events. 学生 will reflect, analyze, and 批判 their own creative learning process.

舞蹈三世荣誉 is designed for advanced level dance students. 学生 are required to audition with a solo to be considered for this level of dance. 学生 will demonstrate their ability to translate emotional and dramatic content into their own personal work. 学生 will show their ability to use perceptual and movement skills at a more advanced level in order to perform, 使用表达式, and communicate meaning through dance and teach their own choreography to peers. The objective of this course is to continue building tools for increasing knowledge, 技术性, 以及对舞蹈的欣赏 at an advance level. 学生 will continue to set personal goals, engage in 有效的沟通 and 深思熟虑的合作, and develop a greater understanding of dance aesthetics and the value of creative and critical thinking. 学生 will have the opportunity to participate in outreach/community performances, establishing a buddy system with other high school dance 项目, 参加大师班, and to observe/批判 professional work.

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